Yearly Archives: 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just a quick “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” to everybody. Hope this festive season finds you and yours in a good place, with lots to eat, plenty of warmth, and your family and friends around you. I’m off for a few days to do lots of dog walking, cooking for friends, eating way too much and generally recharging the batteries....
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Christmas Cake Smoothie

Being Christmas I thought I’d attempt something festive – and came up with Christmas Cake Smoothie. I’ll be the first to admit that this is not a smoothie you’re going to have every day. But once a year (that would give you a whole year to get over the experience). It took me three attempts to get it...
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Do I Need to Chew My Smoothies?

I got asked this recently by a friend I was showing the website. She had heard - that you need to chew the smoothie to mix it with saliva. I’ve also heard this before – and not thought much about it. It does seem a strange thing to do, but I do see the logic. So I did some investigation... Many people...
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My All Time Favourite Smoothie

Dating back well over 3,000 years, the lassi is the classic Indian drink. So it’s obviously doing something right. The Sweet Mango Lassi is one of the time-honoured recipes. It's simple to make and produces a creamy, sweet, rich and velvety drink that has the power to move grown men to tears. A small helping of paradise...
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30 Smoothie Recipes!

Just posted the 30th smoothie recipe - Classic Passion Fruit. Not bad - as we’ve not even been going three months. Still got loads of ideas for new recipes to try and old favourites to write up. On target for a 100 recipes in the first year – which would be fantastic and make this one...
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Diet Smoothie Recipes, Please!

A number of people have emailed me about using smoothies as part of a diet. I've looked around at other sites, and in the books I have, and it seems that these are one of the most popular smoothie types. So I thought I’d do something about it. Now, most of the smoothie recipes on this site can be used...
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8 Smoothie Myths

There’s a lot written about smoothies – not all of it helpful. There seems to be something of a holier-then-thou attitude on some of the blogs I read. Here are some of the myths that I regularly see…
  • Smoothies have to be green to be healthy
  • You have to put up with the taste
  • You need use organic vegetables
  • You have to drink...
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Alt: Smoothy Noun, Plural: Smoothies 1. (Cookery) a smooth, thick drink made with puréed fresh fruit, vegetables and ice, yogurt, ice cream, or milk
Alt: beverage, drinkable, potable, drink, milkshake, health-shake
2. (Slang) a person, esp a man, who is suave or slick, esp in speech, dress, or manner
Alt: charmer, sweet talker, dissembler
Precursor: Lassi, circa 1,000 BC First known use or term: 1904 (Merriam-Webster...
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