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Hi there, I’m Bret. Nice to meet you.

This blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and I’ve finally got around to it. I’ve been making smoothies for well over ten years – off and on. Over that time I’ve made 1000s and I feel that I’ve maybe learnt a thing or two.

I know there’s already 100s of smoothie sites. However, most of these seem to be simple recipe sites with lots of ads. I want to do a site covering more than just recipes. I also want to cover things like health, techniques, reviews and ingredients.

My aim is to get as many people enthusiastic about blending as possible. I believe that smoothies are one of the best, and probably the easiest, ways to receive the high quality nutrition that fruit and vegetables can give us. Before smoothies I ate very few vegies – now I’m eating so much more – and loving it. If I can get a few people doing the same – I’ll be more than happy, and the website will be a worthwhile venture!

At some point in the future there will be some ads – to pay the bills associated with the site. However, I’m going to try and keep those to an absolute minimum and only for things I truly believe in.

If you would like to contribute a recipe or an article – please let me know via the Feedback page.

With love, Bret

PS I’m based in London, England – for those of you that wanted to know.

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June Book Giveaway!

I’ve decided to give away another copy of one of my favourite smoothie books – to spread the smoothie passion a little. The book is called “The Green Smoothie Bible”. It’s a wonderful introduction to the world of green smoothies and is one of my goto books when looking for new ideas. Highly recommended. If you’re...
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The Biggest Mistake People Make

A question that pops up every now-and-then is “What’s the biggest mistake people make when preparing smoothies?” There was an interesting article recently in the Huffington Post: “Smoothie Mistakes You're Making”. This lists the following scandalous errors…
  • Don’t Use Under-Ripe Fruit
  • Don’t Use Warm Fruit
  • Don’t Add Ice
  • Don’t Add Sugar
  • Don’t Use Milk
  • Don’t Stick to a Recipe
  • Don’t Use Melon
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Can Green Smoothies Contain Fruit?

I got an email from Annie last night commenting that all the green smoothies on this site have fruit in them – and asking if that was OK? I thought this was a little odd – so I asked her why she thought it was a problem. Well … “One of my friends said…” There are a lot of shoulds...
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When I Do Buy Organic

I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking me if I really don’t buy organic produce. They seem to think this was a little odd … I guess having a website dedicated to smoothies implies that I should be organic all the way. Nevertheless, I’m not. I have to admit however, there is one time I always buy organic...
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Vitamix 5000

I’ve had a few prompts by people to give more details about the equipment I use. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – but I wanted to do it justice, hoping to do a full and proper review when I had the time. However, whist we all wait with baited breath for that :wink: I can tell...
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Green Smoothie Recipe

I made a green smoothie for a friend last week and they complained that it wasn’t exactly … well … green. This was mainly down to my current passion for beetroots … everything I make is blood red at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon :wink: However, it gave me the idea to make...
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Welcome to Boo!

I just wanted to introduce Boo and give her a quick welcome. Boo will be writing the occasional guest post and adding a recipe every now and then. Hopefully this will add a slightly different perspective to the one I have – and I know that she disagrees with some of my views … so hopefully it’ll add some debate. Anyway,...
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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Yesterday’s fun posting called Banana Smoothie Hair Masque reminded me that I really don’t have a good banana smoothie recipe on this site yet. The humble banana smoothie is the most common type of smoothie and comes in 1001 variations – if not more. I've seen versions that include beetroot, chocolate, tofu, marmalade, liquorice –...
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