30 Smoothie Recipes!

Just posted the 30th smoothie recipe – Classic Passion Fruit. Not bad – as we’ve not even been going three months.

Still got loads of ideas for new recipes to try and old favourites to write up.

On target for a 100 recipes in the first year – which would be fantastic and make this one of the bigger smoothie recipe sites on the internet :)

World domination will follow!


  1. Submitted by Quinten on Wed, 19 Dec 2012

    Amy, when you peel the banana or slice the apple, the eoexspd part begins to oxidize (and lose a bit of nutrition). So yes, after you blend, it begins to oxidize. I put it immediately in quart jars with lids and refrigerate, if we aren’t going to drink the smoothies immediately. (Immediately is best.) But the VAST majority of the nutrients are still there and so is the fiber so this really just isn’t something to worry about. Especially considering that your alternative to whatever you might eat INSTEAD of a 6-hour-old green smoothie is almost certainly nutritionally inferior.

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