A Junk Study Finds…

There was a recent post in the Huffington Post titled … “Healthy Food Isn’t Necessarily More Expensive Than Junk Food, Study Finds” … which is one of those headlines that implies so much and actually means very little.

It’s like saying that hitting your foot with a hammer won’t necessarily break your toes. It’s a meaningless statement.

A punnet of organic strawberries out of season is always going to be more than a Big Mac … and a Big Mac is always going to be more than a bag of carrots. That’s just the way it is.

Also it misses the main issue – junk food is quick and easy … not just cheap. Whereas you have to process vegetables … even chop them up and cook them. That’s what stops most people … and that’s where smoothies are so brilliant –as there is so little prep work to do :grin:

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