Are Smoothies Better Than Juices?

There are many people on each side of this particular fence that will swear that one is better than the other. As if you had to make a choice and then stick to it for life.

The key points in the argument are typically…

Juices are better because…

  • They don’t contain fibre so the nutrients are “more available” as there is nothing to break down
  • Juices are lighter and can be had between meals without filling you up
  • Juices are ideal for cleansing, detoxifying and healing and used in many
    fasting programs
  • Juices give you an instant boost
  • You can juice root vegetables such as carrots, in a smoothie you
    have to mix these with other ingredients

Smoothies are better because…

  • They contain the fibre which is good for the digestion and ensures
    a slow release of nutrients
  • They can contain things like oats, nuts and seeds, bananas, etc
  • They are more filling and can act as meal replacements
  • Smoothies are generally quicker to make than juices
  • Blenders are easier to clean than juicers (a big plus for many)
  • Blenders produce less oxidation so the smoothie stays fresher for longer
  • There is no waste – so smoothies tend to be cheaper

The truth, as far as I see it, is that one is not better than the other – they are just different. The most important question is … which one is better for you?

This all comes down to what you’re after, which you prefer drinking, if you want to use things like oats and bananas, if you can handle cleaning the juicer, etc.

They are both brilliant ways to get fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Without them I would eat a fraction of the vegetables that I do now.

The most important thing is it’s better to do one than neither. So pick the one that you can work into your life, that you can do long-term, that you love drinking … and enjoy it. Or even do both.

For me it’s smoothies all the way. I tend to find juices a tad too sweet and instant … and hate cleaning the juicer. I’ve found that I blend each day and love it. Some are treats and some are meal replacements … above all it’s something I’ve worked into my lifestyle and I continue to do. It’s not a chore – it’s a passion!

Your mileage will vary.


  1. Submitted by Aranka @ on Tue, 30 Oct 2012

    We are drinking a green juice every morning on empty stomach. All the nutrients are absorb by the body immediately. 20 minutes later we eat breakfast.
    The green smoothies we are also drinking daily but usually in the afternoon.
    We love them both.

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