Can Green Smoothies Contain Fruit?

I got an email from Annie last night commenting that all the green smoothies on this site have fruit in them – and asking if that was OK? I thought this was a little odd – so I asked her why she thought it was a problem. Well … “One of my friends said…”

There are a lot of shoulds and shouldn’ts around smoothies (as I’ve mentioned before). I think they come from people trying to “get it right” – as if there is a right way, or wrong way, to go about making smoothies. I guess this is human nature – we like to think there’s a correct answer and strive to find it.

The bad news, or good news – depending on your viewpoint … is that there are no right or wrongs. There’s only what works for you and what doesn’t.

Take green smoothies – what are they exactly? Well is you ask ten people you’ll get ten answers. They don’t even have to be green … look at my “The Very Red Green Smoothie” … nothing green in sight – but obviously a green smoothie.

So, my question to Annie was … “Why do you care?”

Turns out – she wants to be a bit healthier and get more vegetables in her diet – but she didn’t know where to start. Fair enough.

My advice to her was…

  • Fruit is important as it adds sweetness and taste – without it things can get
    a little bitter and composty :shock:
  • Choose recipes that you like – you’re more likely to use them – and you’re
    more likely to be still smoothing in six months time
  • Try and keep it interesting/fun – don’t be too serious about it … and don’t
    worry what other people are doing.
  • Try and mix things up a little – variety is the spice of life (see “Why You
    Should Rotate Your Greens
  • If you don’t like something – don’t use it … there’s plenty of stuff to choose
    from and lots of ways of hiding tastes we don’t like.
  • If you make a smoothie and don’t like it – throw it out (or keep adding
    banana until it tastes OK)
  • Try and involve your friends and family. You are much more likely to keep
    doing something if others are involved.

I guess my message is – that a smoothie can be anything you want. There is no right or wrong … just stuff that tastes nice and stuff that needs a lot more banana :grin:

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