Smoothie Experimentation

To get the most out of smoothie making you need to be up for some experimentation.

We all have different tastes, unique likes and dislikes, different dietary requirements and our own personal preferences. I for one love beetroot – and I know lots of you hate it. So if you see a recipe with beetroot in it – try something else. Try carrot, or celery or ginger.

Also, the strength of taste of most fruit and veg changes throughout the year and from place to place. So recipes should be taken as the starting point – not the destination. A guide as where to begin from.

When working with a new recipe I put the ingredients in one at a time – give it a quick blitz and taste it. Looking to see how each ingredient is working. Then once I’m done I’ll keep most of the smoothie in the blender and try some.

I then adjust the ingredients for my own tastes. I don’t normally add anything new on the first go, to try and see if the recipe has legs.

I love doing this – it gives me a much better feel for each component. I’ve done this for so long I can normally balance a recipe within a couple of minutes.

Above all, the whole process should be fun. If you enjoy making the smoothie and drinking it: then there’s just the cleaning up to get over!

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