Getting Kids into the Smoothie Habit.

It’s always been hard getting kids to eat their greens. I should know … until I was 20 the only greens I would eat were peas. Even then – they had to be served with oodles of tomato sauce.

How times have changed!

Smoothies are a great way to get kids eating fruit and vegies, and I thought it might be helpful to put some quick tips together.

If you have any additional tips, please add a comment below, thanks.

Start with fruit smoothies to create a habit.

Most kids love milkshakes and ice cream – so they naturally take to fruit smoothies. If you keep them cool and keep them tasty – your kids will love them.

You should aim to make smoothies just part of the normal family day – so that the kids get into the habit.

Have fun and keep them exciting.

Come up with wacky names for the smoothies – kids love that. Serve them in fancy glasses so they look their best. Create themed smoothies at Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Add a straw or add some fruit to the top. Create two or three layer smoothies. You get the idea.

Start introducing some of the milder vegetables.

Start slowly – I’d suggest keeping the green content below one third to start with. Kick off with things like kale, spinach, zucchini and carrot – as they have very little taste. Keep away from things like ginger, parsley and beetroot for now.

Try making the smoothies when the kids aren’t watching – so they are unaware of the ingredients. You shouldn’t lie to them – it’s more of a matter of using distraction rather than deception.

Keep the smoothies cool.

The taste of the vegetables really comes out when the mixture warms up. So keep it cool by using cold water, ice and frozen fruit. This will mask any vegie taste and keep the smoothie palatable.

Make the  colours interesting.

If the smoothie is always green then this can be a bit of a giveaway. So add things like berries or a little beetroot to change the colour. You should be able to make them white, blue, purple, yellow, red, pink or orange – as well as green.

Drink the smoothie with your kids.

Don’t make it an “us and them” thing – make sure you pour yourself a glass and join in.

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