Green Smoothie Recipe

I made a green smoothie for a friend last week and they complained that it wasn’t exactly … well … green. This was mainly down to my current passion for beetroots … everything I make is blood red at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon :wink:

However, it gave me the idea to make the ultimate green green smoothie – using everything green I could get my hands on in March! So I leapt into action this morning and made my way down to the local market.

The result is rather unimaginatively called “Green Smoothie”. I was going to call it “Pond Scum” but I thought better of it … Boo came up with “Head Cold” – but then she has no taste and clearly has no respect for the sensibility of my wonderful readers!

If there is ever a green smoothie world championship – this will be my entry. I’m sure it’s very greeness would make it a formidable opponent!

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