Smoothie Recipes for Health Issues

I’ve been playing around with some new smoothie recipes that tackle specific health problems: like osteoporosis and anaemia. My thought is to create a number of natural, tasty and easy to make smoothies that each addresses one of these issues.

Each recipe will be backed up with references – so you can check the assumptions I’ve made and be assured that the smoothie will actually do what it’s supposed to. This part is very important to me – as there are so many misguided and erroneous web pages out there. I want to create something that you can trust.

The first of these is a Daily Calcium Booster that provides around 50% of your calcium requirements. It’s simple, very tasty and guaranteed to work.

However, the recipe contains yogurt – so it’s not for those of us with lactose issues.

I’ve been working on a dairy free version – but after four attempts I’ve not yet cracked it. The only non-dairy, and non-fish, sources of calcium that I can find to put in smoothies are tofu and lefty greens, such as kale and turnip leaves. However, in order to get the right amount of calcium into the smoothie – you have to put in so much that the smoothie is undrinkable.

I hope that I’ll eventually crack it – as it’s a worthy recipe to have on the site.

All the health recipes are being put in one place: Smoothies for Health. If you check back every so often you’ll see new entries.

If you have any recipe ideas – or ailments that might be suitable subjects – please drop me an email, or add a comment below, and let me know.

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