On Smoothies and Dieting

It’s that time of year again. Having drunk and eaten far far too much of the wrong things for the last couple of weeks – we start the new year with thoughts of diets and eating a tad more healthily (well some of us do).

Now, there are 100s of diets for you to choose from: the popular paleolithic diet, the smelly Atkins diet, the fashionable South Beach Diet, the calorie counting Weight Watchers, the celebrity endorsed Rosemary Conley diet, etc, etc, etc.

All of these have their supporters and distractors, and I’m sure they all work to a smaller or larger degree.

So, I hear to ask, where do smoothies fit in?

Well … smoothies have a number attributes that are missing from many diets…

Smoothies are filling: When dieting there’s nothing worse than being hungry all the time. Diets that restrict calories by cutting the amount of food you eat require a lot of self-discipline, and self-discipline is hard for most of us.

Smoothies can be used to replace calorie dense foods such as pasta, potatoes, pizza, sweets, biscuits, cakes, etc … with calorie light foods such as carrots and zucchinis. If these calorie light foods are carefully mixed with fruits – you can still have a tasty meal but without all the guilt and calories.

Smoothies are extremely nutritious: Instead of removing things from your diet – smoothies are all about adding nutritious fruits and vegetables. So your eating habits are a smidgen healthier than before.

It’s this focus on adding nutrition as opposed to removing foods makes smoothies the healthy choice. You can actually diet and feel great about it at the same time!

Smoothies can be occasional: I happen to have smoothies everyday … but then again I’m probably a bit of a fanatic (well I did create a website called SmoothiePassion.com after all!).

Most people don’t want to, or even have to, diet all the time. What they need is the occasional lighter day to off-balance the occasional heavier days. We know we are always going to have those heavier days – so we need a strategy that helps us cope with them.

On my lighter days I make a large smoothie (see the Diet Smoothie or Meal Replacement sections for ideas) in the morning and pour it into three glasses. I have one straight away and put the other two in the fridge (smoothies will keep well for at least 24 hours).

Then I’ll have one of them around 11am and the other around 3pm. This takes me through to dinnertime – when I will have a large serving of soup.

By doing this I’m never hungry during the day, I’m eating well and it’s typically well under 1,000 calories. This gives me around 1,600 calories to play with on my heavy days … that’s a whole 12” Dominoes Ultimate Pepperoni Feast thin crust pizza I can have without breaking the bank! And I do LOVE pizza!!

So give smoothies a try – what do you have to lose. Apart from a little weight that is!

PS. It’s amazing how many stories like this you find once you start looking: “My smoothies started 3 months ago and I am now down 20 lbs!“, “Juices and smoothies to reboot that New Year’s diet“, “Smoothie Diet Plan


  1. Submitted by Jo on Thu, 03 Jan 2013

    Hi Bret … I’ve just started a smoothie diet for New Years as Im trying to lose around 30lbs. I love your recipes and will be dipping into them for inspiration. Keep up the good work. Jo.

    • Submitted by Bret on Thu, 03 Jan 2013

      Good luck! Let me know how you get on and what lessons you learn … if you want I’ll post them here for others to learn from. Hope it goes well. Bret xx

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