Why smoothies? That’s a question I get all the time.

If there are so many ways to get healthy and nutritious food – why am I so passionate about smoothies?

Well … it’s actually about a whole range of things:

Ease of use: smoothies take only a couple of minutes to prepare and the clean-up is very simple – just a quick rinse and you’re done. Compare that with juicing and smoothies win hands down.

Convenience: make a batch at breakfast and put half in the fridge for a mid-afternoon snack. What’s not to love.

Variety: there are 100s of possible ingredients and 1000s of possible recipe combinations. With just a little thought – there’s no reason to have the same smoothie twice for years.

Economics: with smoothies you can eat most parts of most fruits and veg. It’s also great for using up food that’s approaching it’s sell by date. Hardly anything needs to be wasted.

Seasonal: I buy stuff that’s in season – so it’s cheap and at it’s very best. This also means that over the year I get a real assortment of vegetables in my diet and I’m never stuck in a rut.

Nutrition: raw fruits and veg are THE best way to get some of the very best nutrition into your diet … and there’s none of that chomping through bowls and bowls of salad (unless you want to of course).

Dieting: as well as being packed full of nutrition – vegetables are low in calories so are a brilliant way to fill up and feel healthier.

Taste: they taste great and are just so adaptable. Use your favourites as much as you want – and hide the stuff you’re not so keen on. Many of my recipes contain broccoli – but you can’t taste it in any of them!

Fun: great to do with kids and a wonderful way to get them eating more fruits and veg. What’s not to love!

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