The 80:20 Rule for Smoothies

There’s a well-known rule of thumb called the 80:20 rule … also known as Pareto’s Principle – named after an Italian economist back in the early 1900s. The rule states…

80% of the results come from just 20% of the work

When applying this to smoothies – I’d probably say it’s more of a 80:40 rule. However, the reasoning is still the same: 80% of the goodness of a smoothie comes from doing just 40% of the work.

So – what do I mean?

There are a number of steps people sometimes add to the whole smoothie process to try and make the most of it. These include…

  • Only using organic produce
  • Washing everything first
  • Pre-soaking any seeds and nuts
  • Chewing the mixture
  • Never storing smoothies in the fridge
  • Not eating anything for 40 minutes before, or after
  • Not mixing starchy veg with fruit

The list goes on.

Now – I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t do any of the above. Some people find chewing their smoothies helps them digest it better. Some people can’t take carrots and fruits together. Some people want to get the very best out of their smoothies. These are things you’ll find out over time – and vary individual to individual.

However, I don’t want anyone to feel that they HAVE to do any of the above. I don’t – I’m far too lazy!!

I occasionally wash my fruits and veg. Mainly not. I sometimes buy organic – sometimes not. I never pre-soak or chew. Regularly store smoothies in the fridge and mix my fruits and veg with complete abandon. But’s that’s just me.

I believe you’ll get well over 80% of the goodness without doing ANY of these. Just throw the ingredients in, give them a quick whizz and drink.

Keep it simple and keep them coming. Now, THAT’S the important thing.

If you’re not making smoothies because it’s far too much work – you’ll get around 0% of the goodness. And that would make me very sad :(


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