The Biggest Mistake People Make

A question that pops up every now-and-then is “What’s the biggest mistake people make when preparing smoothies?”

There was an interesting article recently in the Huffington Post: “Smoothie Mistakes You’re Making”. This lists the following scandalous errors…

  • Don’t Use Under-Ripe Fruit
  • Don’t Use Warm Fruit
  • Don’t Add Ice
  • Don’t Add Sugar
  • Don’t Use Milk
  • Don’t Stick to a Recipe
  • Don’t Use Melon

These are all very good points … the first three are basic mistakes that people make at the beginning of their smoothie careers – but I find they soon pick up better habits and learn to freeze their fruit to capture it at its best (and often cheapest).

Sugar and milk are occasionally OK … just as honey and cream sometimes work well. You just don’t want to be using them every day … there’s just no need when there are so many brilliant recipes that don’t have them.

However, it’s point six that I think gets nearer the truth. IMHO … The biggest mistake people make is stopping making smoothies … and this is often because people get bored with it.

My advice to everyone is to experiment and have fun with the whole process. The more you experiment the better you’ll understand the ingredients … and the better smoothie maker you’ll be. Often the results will be dreadful and you’ll have to throw the whole thing away … but, more often than not, you’ll learn something new and create something wonderful.

So put away your recipe book … get out the peanut butter, chillies and avocado – and lets see what we can make :wink:

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