Vitamix 5000 Blender Review

I’ve had a few prompts by people to give more details about the equipment I use. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – but I wanted to do it justice, hoping to do a full and proper review when I had the time.

However, whist we all wait with baited breath for that :wink: I can tell you that I’m the proud owner of a Vitamix 5000 that’s around three or four years old now and has well over 1000 smoothies on the clock! It’s been battered, abused and roughly treated every day and stood up like a trooper. Loud – yes. Tall – yes. Expensive – yes. But worth every penny and I love it!

Is it the best blender out there? Might be – might not be. I know that the Blendtec ones are also really good. However, it’s been good for me – but then again I do use it around 10 times a week. I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives for those of you with less money to splurge and a less addictive smoothie habit :grin:

I promise i’ll do a full and proper review soon … if you have any quiries just email me and I’ll get straight back to you.

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