When To Buy Organic And When to Not

I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking me if I really don’t buy organic produce. They seem to think this was a little odd … I guess having a website dedicated to smoothies implies that I should be organic all the way. Nevertheless, I’m not.

I have to admit however, there is one time I always buy organic – and that’s when buying meat. Not something you really want to put in smoothies – so I left it out of my last posting.

The reason I buy organic meat is one of animal welfare and taste – not nutrition and health.

The quality and taste of organic meat (at least in the UK) is a lot better than the intensely farmed produce we see all around us. The pressure to produce really cheap meat does mean that corners have to be cut and we end up feeding and treating these animals abysmally.

I’m not a vegetarian – and never have been – I grew up on a farm and I’m comfortable with killing animals for food. However, I’m not comfortable with the intense factory farming that the industry seems to have adopted.

In my opinion – the best way to support the proper treatment of animals is to buy organic. I’m a sucker for buying meat from named farms – even though I know that a lot of that stuff is made up. It just makes me feel more comfortable buying the meat knowing that those animals probably had a better life.

Of course it helps that I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to buy organic.

However, I am quite comfortable with fruits and vegetables being intensely farmed. They don’t seem to mind it … and seeing a truck load of cabbage being badly handled never gave me nightmares :)


  1. Submitted by Mandy on Sat, 30 Mar 2013

    Sorry but I cant really agree with you – I always by freerange and organic produce – both meats and veg/fruits. I’m very worried about the pesticides and the chemicals they use – and don’t like the idea of being exposed to them all the time.
    Love the website thoguh – keep it up please. Mandy -x-

    • Submitted by Bret on Sat, 30 Mar 2013

      Hi Mandy … I understand your fears and agree that you might be a little bit safer buying organic produce. Each of us has to look at the risks and rewards and make up our own minds. Sounds like you’ve given it a lot of thought and come up with a different conclusion to me. That’s great … the important thing is to think about these things and decide for yourself :)

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