Why I’m so passionate about smoothies

When I tell people about this website – this is one of the first questions I get asked. People are used to having the occasional fruit smoothie in the summer – but not every week … never mind every day!

So why?

Like many people, prior to having smoothies my vegetable intake was pretty awful. I’d never eat cabbage or broccoli and occasionally have a salad – but mostly in the summer. In the winter months it would be the occasional stir fry and that would be it. Essentially I was eating greens out of duty.

I was introduced to juicing first. I’d get really keen for a month – and then it would fade out. This happened three or four times. Personally, I find juices a bit too sweet and not particularly filling. I still have a juicer on the counter top – but it’s rarely used.

Then I discovered smoothies.

At the time I was living in Bermuda. As most of the fruit and veg there are imported they tend to be very expensive – or pretty low quality. Being so hot, cool fruit smoothies are very popular on the island. So, I started with fruit smoothies – and began adding little bits of veg to them. I quickly realised that I could easily add about 50% vegetables – without really tasting it. Also, I found the smoothies quite filling – so would often have them as an afternoon snack.

Because vegies tend to be low in calories and high in nutrients they make the perfect snack. I started to experiment and added things like oats and protein powder – and started to replace the occasional meal.

I quickly found that I could produce an endless variety of smoothies. From the occasional treat with cream to the everyday afternoon snack. Most of them were delicious. Now I have one most days. My shopping basket is always packed full of interesting ingredients and I’m eating way more vegies than I though was possible.

I find smoothies have just fit in with my lifestyle. They are quick to make, easy to clean up, extremely nutritious and very tasty. What’s not to like!

The passion comes from wanting to spread the word. If I can inspire you to try something new – then I’ve succeeded. I passionately believe smoothies are the greatest way of getting the very best nutrition into your diet.

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