The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods.

by Dr Michael Murray, Dr Joseph Pizzorno and Lara Pizzorno, MA, LMT

Weighing in at over 900 pages this is not a casual read. This is my go-to reference for everyday healthy eating and nutritional information, and for ideas on how to address and treat common ailments.

It starts with the basics – the “Basic Principles of a Good Diet” and “Food Components” that set the stage. These sections are a great intro to the nutritional world for those of us that have forgotten the nitty-gritty. It’s filled with great easy to skim charts and diagrams to make the journey a gratifying one.

It’s the third part “Compendium of Healing Foods” that’s the real heart. This is a very comprehensive, well thought through, sensible and interesting guide to the nutritional, medicinal and healing aspects of food. Very little is left out. It covers the history of the food, it’s health benefits and nutrition, how to select and store it, tips on preparation and safety notes.

The last part, “Food Prescriptions for Specific Diseases” is all about health and sickness and things you can do to help yourself – naturally.

The whole book is clearly written and as cliché as it sounds, if there is one health book everyone needs to read – it’s this book. It seems to be free from bias and is not pushing a specific way of eating or fad diet.

This is a keeper!