The Green Smoothie Bible.

by Kristine Miles.

I have over 30 smoothie books … and this is the one I seem to pick up most. So I thought I’d add it to my site. If you are at all interested in getting into green smoothies then there is no better place to start your journey.

The first part of the book is called “About Green Smoothies”. This goes over the basics: what green smoothies are and why they are good for you … all good stuff. However, it also delves into things like the history of smoothies, the facts about nutrition and how they affect your diet.

Her style is non-preachy and easy to read. She’s obviously been making green smoothies for many years and that experience really shows.

The book is well researched: citing recent medical research, books and websites – and there’s an extensive appendix.

The second part of the book has over 300 green smoothie recipes. These are broken into themes such as: bones and joints; weight loss; longevity; babies and children; etc.

The recipes are well thought out and easy to follow. I often browse through them for inspiration. She’s managed to keep the ingredients universal – so you should be able to make most of them regardless of where you might live.

To quote some of the Amazon reviews:

  • “This is a wonderful book filled with nutritional tips, recipes and it’s a great read”
  • “This book is brilliant – it actually has a step-by-step guide and more recipes than you know what to do with”
  • “Great educational book about Green Smoothies if you are a beginner or expert! Contains a lot of good recipes in a readable format. Highly recommended!”

The book is not expensive (just over $10 in the US at the moment) and should last you many years. It would also make a great present for the smoothie lover in your life!

Highly recommended!