One of the smoothie staples, putting the smooth into smoothie and making a smoothie into a meal. Packed full of energy and nutrients and with that wonderful bananary taste! The simple banana.

Most people love the taste – especially kids. So the taste can be used to sneakily hide other ingredients such as cabbage or kale. They will never know if you don’t tell them!

The banana taste gets stronger the riper you let it get. Reaching its peak when the fruit is a mottled brown. It also gets sweeter with age.

I buy large bunches that are past their best (so I get them cheap), peel them, chop them up and freeze them. That way they are always to hand and are at their most bananary. Once frozen they can be a bit hard to blend – often leaving little banana surprises in the smoothie. Not exactly an unpleasant experience though.

Just remember to peel them first and to have at least one a day. “An apple a day” … hogwash! It should surely be “a banana a day”!