You would have thought that given the loooooong list of health benefits toted for blueberries – that they could easily be crowned as the “King of Superfoods”. Single handily fighting cancer, obesity, heart disease, constipation, bloat, eye sores, acne, aging, depression, crime, bad parking and anything else you might think of.

Whatever the truth might be – they are naturally sweet, bursting with flavour, and work wonderfully in almost any smoothie! They are an easy sell to kids – and make the smoothie go a bluesy/purpley colour and add little blue specks.

I buy mine frozen. They tend to be fresher, cheaper, available all year round and help cool the smoothie down. Your mileage will vary – depending on where you live, your local shops and the size of your freezer.

Tip: if buying fresh – quickly wash and remove any of the mouldy ones.