Beets / Beetroot.

Some people hate it … but I love it and it’s one of my favourite veggies – the very staining beetroot.

Beets are bursting with nutrients – more than most vegies. It’s packed with both vitamin C and iron and has a long list of proven medical benefits: it’s great for the liver, high blood pressure, heart disease, your immune system, fatigue and dementia. It also has a long, long list of unproven benefits – too many to cover here.

It’s normally used raw in smoothies and has an earthy taste some don’t like. I happen to be a fan. It also gives smoothies a nice blood red colour!

Mixed with the right ingredients it’s earthy personality can be easily curbed and most people won’t notice it. Just don’t put too much in at once. Oh – and you can also use the leaves – what’s not to love about these critters.

If you get kidney stones because of too much calcium in your urine, you may have been advised to cut down on oxalates in your diet. Beetroot is just one food which contains oxalates, which prevent calcium from being absorbed by your body. So use in moderation. More details here (takes you to