There are several different varieties of broccoli. The main ones are calabrese, romanesco, sprouting and purple broccoli. They are seasonal – so I end up with different ones throughout the year.

Broccoli is used raw. I use all of the flowering parts and most of the stem if it’s not too woody. It has quite a distinctly earthy taste – but if you keep the quantity in check and balance the smoothie with something sweet – then the taste tends to disappear. I’ve used it in my morning smoothie for years – and hardly ever notice it.

Broccoli is undoubtedly good for you – and has been used by people to fight cancer, reduce cholesterol, aid bone health, reduce inflammation, etc. It’s packed full of goodies like vitamin C and K, folic acid, potassium and calcium. So is a great addition to any smoothie.

I use it because it’s green and purple – and I believe it does me good.