Ahhh – the humble cabbage.

I went 30 years without ever eating cabbage, a reaction to the overcooked mush that I was served at school. Eeeeew! However, since I started blending I’ve gone through one or two cabbages a week. Quite a change!

There are many different sorts of cabbage. From the very dense red variety, to the leafy savoy and exotic bok choy. Each one has its own taste – however, eaten raw the taste is quite subtle and disappears when mixed with other ingredients.

You have to be a bit careful when using the denser parts of plant. As they will thicken up the smoothie quite quickly. The leaves tend to disappear into the background though.

Cabbages are incredibly nutritious – but also low in calories. This makes them an ideal smoothie ingredient. They tend to be one of the supporting acts though – not the headline act.

Cabbages are ideal to add to fruit smoothies for kids. As there is little to taste – the kids won’t notice and they’ll be getting all the goodness anyway. They are also used in a lot of diet related smoothies – as they will fill you up without adding lots of calories.

If you’ve not used them yet – please try them out. I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the result, and your body will surely thank you!!