The humble carrot is one of the cornerstones in the juicing world … however in the kingdom of smoothies a little bit of care has to be taken. The root cause, if you pardon the pun, is its fibrous nature.

Take apple and carrot – a classic juice. If you put them in a smoothie together you end up with liquid blotting paper! If you add enough liquid to make it drinkable – then it’ll be too bland.

So … are carrots of any use?

Yes indeedy. The key is to keep the carrot content below about one third of the total. Also, to make sure you include in the smoothie things that will counteract the fibre. Things like protein powder and avocado. It’s all about balance. Get it right and you have a wonderful, tasty and smooth drink. Get it wrong and you end up with lots of pulp and it feels like someone added tissues to it!

Carrots are great for those wanting to lose weight. A medium carrot only has about 30 calories. However, it will fill you up. That’s why many of my diet recipes have carrot in them.

I go through two bags of carrots a week. So there are lots of recipes that work!