Celery is one of the mainstays in the juicing world – but used somewhat less in smoothies. One reason for this is it’s sinewy nature.

If you are using one of the less expensive blenders – you might find it hard not to leave stringy bits in the final mixture. My blender has no problem – but it also cost $500. If you find that this is an issue – then just chop it up before adding it to the container.

Celery is well known for being especially low in calories. It’s also not lacking in nutrition. It’s not quite on the same level as broccoli and cabbage – but it’s not a lightweight either.

It can add a distinct taste to a smoothie – depending on the strength of the other ingredients. It also adds a dry aftertaste – it’s not unpleasant though.

Its available year round and is an essential part of many green smoothies. Just make sure your blender can cope with it.