Kale has a remarkable reputation in the smoothie world. This is down to two facts: firstly it’s surprisingly mild in taste – so can be added to any recipe; and secondly, it’s the nutritional king of the vegetable world.

Kale is part of the Brassica family – that includes cabbage, collards, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. It’s very low in calories, contains very little fat and is high in fibre.

However, it’s the nutritional content that’s makes it particularly interesting. It’s absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. If you want the full list check out the Wikipedia kale article, it’s quite remarkable.

Kale is notoriously unappealing to eat. It’s quite a course leaf that’s hard to cook and doesn’t have a great taste. Cooks often add butter and salt to it to make it more palatable.

However, in a smoothie it disappears. The fibre disintegrates and the flavour when raw is subtle. So smoothies are an ideal way to get kale into your diet.

If there is one green you need to sneak into your diet – it’s kale.