Fresh Parsley.

Traditionally overlooked as just a garnish, parsley is a giant amongst herbs in terms of health benefits, and in really small amounts too. Along with mint it’s going to be the herb you use again and again.

Bursting with nutrients and flavour – you have to be a little careful as a little goes a long way.

It’s readily available fresh – or you can even grow your own. It goes well in many smoothies and you’ll see it again and again in the recipes I have planned.

It’s often overlooked as a herb – which is a real shame. Try it out – highly recommended!

One word of warning though. Parsley is packed full of oxalic acid which slows down the absorption of calcium. So should be used in moderation if that is going to be an issue. Also, pregnant women should avoid parsley because it’s a uterotonic, which causes contractions. More details here (takes you to WebMD)