Apple Harvest.

260 Calories.

A thick and creamy treat that’s bursting with flavour.

  • 1 apple
  • Small handful of almonds, around a dozen
  • ¼ cup mixed dried fruit
  • ½ cup iced water

There are a load of different mixed dried fruits on the market. The one I buy has things like cherries, apricots, pineapple and candied peel in it – giving it quite a punch. Choose one that fits in with your tastes. Generally the more sultanas and currents then the blander its contribution.

If you don’t want any bits – then whizz the almonds, dried fruit and water for around 30 seconds first. I quite like them – so give around 10 seconds.

½ cup of water will give a thick and creamy mixture. Put in more if you like it a bit runnier.

The final taste will depend on the mixed fruit you selected. The apple and almond flavours will both be there – with the dried fruit being the third.

Not the healthiest smoothie – as it’s almost all sugar. But one with handfuls of flavour and attitude.