Kiwi Gulp.

180 Calories.

I like smoothies with a little attitude – and this one has it in spades…

  • ½ Apple – cored
  • 1 Kiwi fruit – topped and tailed
  • 1 Cup red or white grapes
  • ⅔ Cup iced water

I don’t bother skinning the kiwi fruit – just scrub it under water to remove the fluff, then top and tail it. The skin disappears when it’s blended.

The grapes don’t have to be seedless. The seeds actually contain most of the nutrients, and will disappear in the final mixture.

They can be frozen. If they are – then you will need to use warm water, or you’ll have a kiwi sorbet (which is actually quite nice in the summer).

I enjoy using sour apples and unripe kiwi fruits. The subsequent mixture is then quite tangy, which make a nice difference.

The resulting smoothie is very refreshing and clean tasting. It has a great flavour – mainly from the kiwi and the apple (if you pick a nice strong one). I can drink this stuff by the gallon – so be prepared to make a second batch!