Smoothies for Health.

I’ve given this particular section a lot of thought. I’m always very nervous about making any particular health claims without seeing strong evidence to back them up.

The internet is a minefield of unsubstantiated claims and unsupported “facts”. Anyone can create a blog like this and assert just about anything they want. I really don’t think that helps people that are genuinely searching for solutions to real issues. In fact it just confuses people and makes finding the truth that much harder.

I initially decided to steer away from making any health based recommendations. However, there is overwhelming evidence that some health benefits are genuine.

So, this section is going to include a series of recipes, with full citations and references, that address particular heath issues.

These recipes take a lot longer to create than the others – the Daily Calcium Booster took me two days to fully research and get right. I really want to try and make them genuinely useful as well as delicious!

A strong word of caution though. I’m not a doctor, nor have I been formally trained in nutrition. So please take these recipes for what they are – a genuine attempt to put together some ideas that may help you in your search for better health.

Daily Calcium Booster (dairy)

Daily Calcium Booster (dairy)

Daily Calcium Booster. 380 Calories. 520mg Calcium. Dairy Version. A daily booster that will provide over half of your daily calcium...