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The Biggest Mistake People Make

A question that pops up every now-and-then is “What’s the biggest mistake people make when preparing smoothies?” There was an interesting article recently in the Huffington Post: “Smoothie Mistakes You're Making”. This lists the following scandalous errors…
  • Don’t Use Under-Ripe Fruit
  • Don’t Use Warm Fruit
  • Don’t Add Ice
  • Don’t Add Sugar
  • Don’t Use Milk
  • Don’t Stick to a Recipe
  • Don’t Use Melon
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Can Green Smoothies Contain Fruit?

I got an email from Annie last night commenting that all the green smoothies on this site have fruit in them – and asking if that was OK? I thought this was a little odd – so I asked her why she thought it was a problem. Well … “One of my friends said…” There are a lot of shoulds...
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When I Do Buy Organic

I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking me if I really don’t buy organic produce. They seem to think this was a little odd … I guess having a website dedicated to smoothies implies that I should be organic all the way. Nevertheless, I’m not. I have to admit however, there is one time I always buy organic...
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The 80:20 Rule for Smoothies

There’s a well-known rule of thumb called the 80:20 rule ... also known as Pareto’s Principle – named after an Italian economist back in the early 1900s. The rule states…
80% of the results come from just 20% of the work
When applying this to smoothies – I’d probably say it’s more of a 80:40 rule. However, the reasoning is still...
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Smoothie Recipes for Health Issues

I’ve been playing around with some new smoothie recipes that tackle specific health problems: like osteoporosis and anaemia. My thought is to create a number of natural, tasty and easy to make smoothies that each addresses one of these issues. Each recipe will be backed up with references – so you can check the assumptions I've made and be assured...
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On Smoothies and Dieting

It’s that time of year again. Having drunk and eaten far far too much of the wrong things for the last couple of weeks – we start the new year with thoughts of diets and eating a tad more healthily (well some of us do). Now, there are 100s of diets for you to choose from: the popular paleolithic diet,...
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Do I Need to Chew My Smoothies?

I got asked this recently by a friend I was showing the website. She had heard - that you need to chew the smoothie to mix it with saliva. I’ve also heard this before – and not thought much about it. It does seem a strange thing to do, but I do see the logic. So I did some investigation... Many people...
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