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The Biggest Mistake People Make

A question that pops up every now-and-then is “What’s the biggest mistake people make when preparing smoothies?” There was an interesting article recently in the Huffington Post: “Smoothie Mistakes You're Making”. This lists the following scandalous errors…
  • Don’t Use Under-Ripe Fruit
  • Don’t Use Warm Fruit
  • Don’t Add Ice
  • Don’t Add Sugar
  • Don’t Use Milk
  • Don’t Stick to a Recipe
  • Don’t Use Melon
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8 Smoothie Myths

There’s a lot written about smoothies – not all of it helpful. There seems to be something of a holier-then-thou attitude on some of the blogs I read. Here are some of the myths that I regularly see…
  • Smoothies have to be green to be healthy
  • You have to put up with the taste
  • You need use organic vegetables
  • You have to drink...
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Well Hello There Sweetie!

Smoothies don’t have to be sweet to be palatable. But it certainly helps. Especially when there’s a lot of veggies snuck in there. What you definitely don’t want is any bitterness – it’s just not nice.
Quick tip: when trying a new recipe - taste the mixture whilst it’s still in the blender. Any issues can then be addressed before...
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Things Not to Put in a Smoothie

Most of these are pretty obvious – but some might surprise you…
  • Apple and pear pips – slightly toxic, a few won't harm though
  • Avocado, cherry, plum, peach and apricot stones – they tend to splinter
  • Orange and grapefruit skins – but put the pith in, it contains lots of nourishing stuff
  • Use lemon and lime skins in moderation
  • Citrus pips - unless you...
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Getting Kids into the Smoothie Habit.

It’s always been hard getting kids to eat their greens. I should know … until I was 20 the only greens I would eat were peas. Even then - they had to be served with oodles of tomato sauce. How times have changed! Smoothies are a great way to get kids eating fruit and vegies, and I thought it might be...
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Do I Need a $500 Blender?

This is a common question: what exactly is the difference between a $40 blender and a Vitamix or Blendtec one that costs over $500? And do I really need one? The simple answer is: very little – and no you don’t really need one. A $40 blender will do 90%+ of what most people want. It’ll create scrumptious smoothies, delicious dips...
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Smoothie Tip: Freeze Your Fruits

Buy your fruit in bulk – so you get it cheaply. Then wash, cut, core, stone, peel and freeze it – so that it stays fresh for months. Doing all this in quantity also saves time and effort. I mainly do this to stop the fruit going off so quickly. However, it also cools the smoothies down – which saves...
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Are Smoothies Better Than Juices?

There are many people on each side of this particular fence that will swear that one is better than the other. As if you had to make a choice and then stick to it for life. The key points in the argument are typically… Juices are better because…
  • They don’t contain fibre so the nutrients are “more available” as there is nothing...
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Should I wash my fruit and veg?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by people just starting their smoothie journey is … do you wash and clean your fruit and veg? The simple answer is … yes. Smoothies are made with raw fruits and vegetables. So they don’t benefit from the deep cleansing that cooking bestows. So anything that’s on the produce will end up...
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